Multi-style Online Cello School Launches at Artist Works!

I am so excited for my cello school to start at Artist Works!

I spent five months planning the curriculums in multiple styles (Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical), with a comprehensive Beginner Multi-Style curriculum, and a boat load of Intermediate/Advanced Technique videos.  We even have a section on Rhythmic Playing, Chopping and Singing-while-Playing!  I spent 9 LONG days in the studio making this extensive Library, and even got Rushad Eggleston and Jeremy Kittel to join me for a day to record performance versions of most of what I taught.  If all that wasnt enough, the coolest part about ArtistWorks is that I can do 1-on-1 Video Exchanges with my students to still give personalized feedback, and form a close relationship over the long run.  If you, or someone you love, is a cellist, come check it out!!

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