Echoes of Bach | Mike Block

Echoes of Bach

Debuted at #3 on Billboard's Traditional Classical Chart

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Released on Bright Shiny Things (2018). Featuring Mike's favorite selections of Bach Cello Suites, juxtaposed with 20th-Century compositions.

Track List

  1. JS BACH: Prelude in G major from Cello Suite 1 BWV 1007
  2. LIGETI: Sonata for Solo Cello, Mvt 1
  3. JS BACH: Allemande in D minor from Cello Suite 2 BWV 1008
  4. LIGETI: Sonata for Solo Cello, Mvt 2
  5. JS BACH: Courante in C major from Cello Suite 3 BWV 1009
  6. SAYGUN: Partita for Solo Cello, Mvt 4
  7. JS BACH: Sarabande in D major, from Cello Suite 6 BWV 1012
  8. GABRIELLI: Ricercar No. 1, Mvt 1
  9. JS BACH: Bourees from Cello Suites 4, 5 BMW 1010, 1011
  10. JS BACH: Gigue in D major from Cello Suite 6 BMW 1012
  11. SOLLIMA: “Citarruni”, from Taranta Project, a Silkroad commission with Shane Shanahan, percussion
  12. JS BACH: Sarabande in G major from Cello Suite 1 BMW 1007


Mike Block, cello
Shane Shanahan, percussion

Recorded and Mixed by Dan Cardinal @ Dimension Sound Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA

Mastered by Michael Mermagen in Kansas City, MO

Final Night at Camp | Mike Block

Final Night at Camp - Deluxe edition

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Released on Bright Shiny Things (2018)

Popular American folk songs and fiddle tunes with globally-inspired arrangements, as well as as some new compositions.

  1. Down in the Willow Garden

  2. I've Endured

  3. Stoney Lonesome

  4. Slow Day at the Cafe / Sweet Tea on the Porch / Julianne Johnson

  5. Can't You Hear Me Calling

  6. Billy In the Lowground

  7. Johnny B. Goode

  8. Don't That Road Look Rough and Rocky

  9. Today is a New Day (Lullaby - Dream - Dawn)

  10. Final Night at Camp


Darol Anger, fiddle
Karl Doty, bass
Nic Gareiss, percussive dance
Indrissa Kone, percussion
Balla Kouyate, Balafon
Greg Liszt, banjo
Stash Wyslouch, guitar
Joe Walsh, mandolin/harmony vocals
Mike Block, cello/lead vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Dan Cardinal @ Dimension Sound Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA
Mastered by Dave Sinko in Nashville, TN


Brick by Brick | Mike Block

Brick by Brick

4th Floor Records (2012)

Featuring original songs written and recorded while missing nine teeth, as the result of being hit by a NYC taxi.

  1. Brick by Brick
  2. Concert Teeth
  3. Can't Go Home
  4. Lonesome Winter
  5. Global Warming Dance
  6. I'm Standing
  7. It's Time to Run
  8. All I Want for Xmas is My Two
      Front Teeth
  9. The Parking Lot Song
10. Brick by Brick
11. Learning to Smile


Darol Anger
Joe Walsh
Scott Law
Lauren Rioux
Jeremy Kittel
Joshua Pinkham
Simon Chrisman
Ron Cody
Emy Phelps
Wendy Cody
Mila Phelps-Friedl

Naive Melody | Triborough Trio

Naive Melody by Triborough Trio

Self-released (2011)

Instrumental album featuring traditional and contemporary music from around the world, in well-crafted and creative arrangements.

  1. Lucifer Medley: We all go to Heaven when the Devil goes blind/Hell broke loose in Georgia
  2. Dumbala Dumba
  3. Is This Love
  4. Kvartetten
  5. This Must Be the Place
  6. The Storm
  7. Wayne's Thang
  8. Jasmine Flower
  9. Soppin' the Gravy
  10. Gardenia Waltz
  11. Black & White Rag
  12. Longa Nakreez

Triborough Trio

Mike Block, cello
Hans Holzen, guitar
Kyle Kegerreis, bass

The mission of the Trio is to put their personal spin on traditional and contemporary music while mixing and matching American string band styles with music from around the globe. Always drawing upon their individual backgrounds rooted strongly in Classical, Country, and Jazz they reinvent their various influences with well-crafted and creative arrangements while featuring cello as the lead instrument possibly for the first time ever in many of these genres.

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After the Factory Closes.jpg

After the Factory Closes

4th Floor Records (2010)

The Mike Block Band presents an exciting and genre-bending combination of rock, classical, jazz, and many types of folk music through original songs, improvisational tunes, and fully written-out compositions by cellist and singer, Mike Block.

  1. 8th of January
  2. Oompa Loompas At Night After the Factory Closes
  3. The Moose Escapeth
  4. The Earthquake Fell In Love With the Tornado
  5. At A Loss For Words
  6. The 1-20 Train From Kenya To Washington Is Departing
  7. Hellenic Hoedown
  8. The Knights Return From Battle
  9. Fire On the Mountain
  10. Rhapsody On A Theme By Bach
  11. Like Mike


Kyle Sanna, guitar
Mat Fieldes, bass
Damian Bassman, drums

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Words R Words | The Mike Block Band

Words R Words

4th Floor Records (2009)

A New York City band led by a cello player, featuring quirky, yet personal songwriting.

  1. Fancier But Not Too Crazy
  2. Get In Line
  3. Have You Ever Been
  4. I Don't Get It
  5. If
  6. Claire
  7. Madcap Laughs
  8. Neverending Story
  9. So Far From Us
  10. The Blue Danube In Budapest
  11. Words R Words
  12. Tortoise Dreams
  13. Two People


Kyle Sanna, guitar
Mat Fieldes, bass
Damian Bassman, drums

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